Project Management 

Our experienced Project Management team has overseen a wide range of bespoke architectural and structural glass projects in many different environments across the UK.

Structural Glass 

Structural Glass extensions, also known as glass box extensions, are primarily made of glass or have significant glass elements in their walls and roofs.

Creating a seamless connection between indoor & outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings while being sheltered from the weather.


Glazetech supply & install aluminium Bi-folding doors & windows which connect you effortlessly to your outdoor space. The bi-folding doors offer a seamless transition, whilst offering a touch of elegance to your home.  

Aluminium is well known being a highly durable material for windows & doors, withstanding harsh weather conditions without cracking warping & rusting. 

 Roof Lights

Roof lights allow natural light to enter the space reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, creating a brighter & more pleasant environment. Roof-lights are energy efficient with the correct insulation & glazing techniques along with using high performance glass can help regulate temperature reducing the need for excessive heating & cooling.

Creating a connection to the outdoors allows you to have a view of the sky, surrounding landscape or city scape, which offers a unique experience and a sense of openness.

Glass Links  

Structural glass links are a modern and innovative way to connect different glass elements in a building. These links provide a seamless & transparent connection between glass panels, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

Our technical team will advise on the structural requirements to ensure the finished glass structure is fully compliant. Structural glass fins or structural glass beams can be incorporated for integrity and to give a robust yet minimal result.

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Glass Balustrades 

Whether you are looking for a glass balustrade for an internal or external project, we can help you to choose the right system for your requirements & cost, whilst ensuring all building regulations are complied with. With a choice of both frameless balustrades for an unobstructed view or the more traditional post balustrade system, we can customise any system to fit your specific needs.

Aluminium or 316 Stainless Steel are used within our installations, giving you peace of mind that the materials will not degrade or rust over time. Being extremely durable, easy to clean, with minimal maintenance, a glass balustrade is often the more preferred option over wood or the obstruction of traditional railings or dwarf walls.