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Glass Extensions 

Structural Glass extensions, also known as glass box extensions, are primarily made of glass or have significant glass elements in their walls and roofs.

Creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings while being sheltered from the weather.

Unlike traditional conservatories or orangeries, glass extensions prioritize a completely glazed design. Glass extensions come in various designs, from sleek modern structures to more traditional styles. They can be integrated seamlessly into existing homes.


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Glass Links

An elegant way to link two buildings together. These structural glass links can be big enough to use as a living space or serves as a practical passageway offering a flow of natural light into the adjoining spaces. 

Whether its used to link old to new or in more of a modern architectural setting, these glass link can be visually striking and blend existing with new seamlessly.

Glass links can come in all types, from one large single glass pane to numerous glass panes fixed together with structural glass beams and silicone joints. Also they can incorporate opening options from sliding doors to a more traditional hinged single door. 

Links are made up of double glazed units similar to our glass extensions. These units are high performance and can come in different variety to suit the occupants needs. For example solar control coating can be added to prevent over heating in the summer months on south facing elevations or acoustic glass can be added to properties close to busy roads.  


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